Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twins for the Wins!

Some more pictures for anyone interested. I didn't have time to edit or sharpen up any of these pictures, and I will gladly never have time to do things like that again.

Penelope Layne and Lucas Wyatt were both born at 9:20 on Wednesday, March 28th. She was born 30 seconds before him, and weighed in at 5lbs 10oz. He was 6lbs 1oz, and both Pennie and Lucas are 18" long.

Because I am on an archaic hospital computer, and because I have to run back upstairs and help out with the feeding, I am not going to be able to label the photos. So, you can try to guess which babe is which. Make a game of it.

But sincerely, thank you all for the texts, emails, calls, cards, gifts, prayers, and wishes. We love you all, and if we were capable, we would give each of you a long call. More forthcoming!